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Chase FLC " Four Leaf Clover " - Cricket Bat

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Our top of the range bat for ultimate performance selected from only the top 4% of English Willow.

Ideal for…the player that likes to entertain from the crease. The FLC has a low sweet spot and massive profile, providing maximum momentum from pick-up to shot. Our master bat makers ensure every FLC has the 8 inch middle allowing you to play every shot and hit every ball, to become that master batsman your team needs.

Entertain, with confidence at the crease.

  • FLC (Four Leaf Clover)
  • top of the range bat, select from only the top 4% of willow
  • a massive profile
  • lightly scooped flanks to retain maximum size with feather pick-up
  • low sweet spot, ideal for driving
  • traditional oval handle provides optimum grip, comfort and control
  • angled toe with fitted rubber toe guard
  • ice white and chrome printed labels
  • high quality latex grip

All our bats are made with a traditional oval-shaped handle for a natural and comfortable grip providing optimum control, finished with a high quality latex grip.

Applied to the toe to create a surface barrier which prevents water soaking up and into the bat.

Stops feathering when tapping down.