Moonwalkr MIND - Cricket Helmet Steel

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Moonwalkr, not just a cricket helmet. Designed by cricket players & professional designers, the helmet is crafted from the ground up for playing in all conditions around the world.

Best In Class Ventilation

A never before 30 point ventilation design directs fresh air towards the head & avoids build up of heat during play.

Impact Protection

Embedded in the style of the helmet, are key extra rigid zones to provide optimal impact management for both high & low energy impacts.

Secure FaceGaurd

A secure fit for the face guard means better protection. Four point fastening for the face guard on a rigid structure of the helmet means low deformation near the face on ball impact.

Enhanced Safety

Its the first helmet designed to provide integrated protection for the exposed & vulnerable area at the back of the head & neck, without restricting spontaneous shot playing & style.