We're open in India and Singapore

Bat Repairs

Bottomed the Bat, Cracked the edges, Wobbly Handles everything that you need for a bat is done by us.

  1. Re Handle - Round, Semi Oval.
  2. Threading
  3. Patchment
  4. Removal of Old Fiber Sheet
  5. Removal of Old Sticker and Buffing
  6. Weight Reduction
  7. Tennis Ball Bat Chopping
  8. Toe Guard Application
  9. Pressing of bat for minor cracks

All of the above are done at a very reasonable price by professionals.

You can ship your bat from anywhere in INDIA with the details of whats required and we shall finish the work and ship it back to your address. 

This process usually takes anywhere between 5 to 10 working days depending on the job.