We're open in India and Singapore


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are we from ?

We are situated in Bangalore, India.

2. Do we 'SHIP' outside India ?

Yes we ship all over the world.

3. How do you calculate shipping, for Example : America ?

You sign in to the website with your name & credentials, provide shipping details on signup or at checkout and the website automatically calculates the shipping depending on the product weight & place of shipping.

4. Can we talk anyone before ordering ?

Yes you can always call us or chat with us before placing an order.

5. Are all products genuine, original ?

A very good question, yes we are official retailers & wholesalers of all the brands & products on our store. We provide an original bill for all purchases & you can always cross check with the manufacturers for our authenticity. 

6. How long does shipping take for International & Domestic orders ?

International Orders would usually take 7 to 10 working days from the time of shipment.

Domestic Orders take 4 to 7 working days from the time of shipment.

7. Do we have Knocking Service for Bats ? 

Yes pls go to services page and buy the Knocking in service with your bat.

8. How Long does knocking process take ?

Knocking service usually takes 4/7 days.

9. Do we offer COD, Cash on Delivery ?

No, we do not have this service.

10. What do you mean by ''Hand Picked'' ?

Hand Picked means we curate, select, pick the best bat or product which we think is better than others present in the market. Our experience in the game helps us pick the best. We value your money & hence we go through this strict regime of picking & curating.

11. Do we have to Pay '' CUSTOMS DUTY '' ?

Customs Duty is something which we have no control over. Each country has its our rules & regulations concerning import of goods.

We do not pay customs duty, if any levied will be borne by the customer.

We provide all the documents such as Original Bill, Product, Value etc.. Declaration Form stating Export.

Customs Duty is charged because of various reasons some common ones are - Value of total bill or goods not exempted for imports.

Please check with your customs in your country for more details.